The Russian BMPT-72 Terminator 2

The Russian BMPT-72 Terminator 2
The Russian BMPT-72 Terminator 2

The BMPT-72, aka Terminator 2 is the improved model of the original BMPT Terminator and  was developed as a Tank Support Combat Vehicle based on the lessons learnt by the Russian Army in urban fighting during the First Chechen War and their tanks inability to defeat anti-tank teams in elevated positions. Though the BMP-2 does have some success in this role, but its poor armor (like all IFV) called for increased protection like that offered by a tank.

The turret is designed as a module and can be installed in a T-72 hull, hence its name BMPT-72. The vehicle is the second version of the Tank Support Combat Vehicle and is a more compacted design, in dimensions, protection and weight.

Developed/manufactured by Uralvagonzavod (UVZ), it was first seen in late 2013, Its not in service with any companies and will not be purchased by the Russian Army, who is in favor of the new T-15 Armata Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

BMPT-72 Firepower

The turret has a 360 degree traverse with the dual 30mm cannon mount and ATGM launchers depress and elevate. The BMPT-72 turret has a pair of 30mm 2A42 auto cannons, which fire high-explosive shells up to 4000 m and up to 2500 m using armor-piercing shells. The ammunition load of the cannons consists of 850 rounds in two belts. The cannons are electrically stablized on both axis for firing on the move and can be elevated by – 5 to +25 degrees.

They have a 7.62mm coaxial Machine Gun.

The turret has x2 ATAKA-T guided weapon system launching pods, each with x2 ready to fire 9M120-1F guided missiles or 9M120-1 antitank guided missiles, which can penetrate over 800mm of steel. The Ataka-T launchers can be elevated from -5 to +45 degrees.

The BMPT-72 Terminator 2
The BMPT-72 Terminator 2

ATAKA-T is designed to defeat stationary and moving fielded and future main battle tanks, other armoured (IFVs, APCs) and small-size (like pillboxes and bunkers) targets, fortified assets, manpower under cover and in the open as well as aerial low-level targets flying at speeds of up 400 km/h.

The missiles have a semi-automatic laser beam riding guidance system and the 9M120-1 is capable of carrying different warheads.

BMPT-72 Sighting Equipment

 The Russian BMPT-72 Terminator 2
The Russian BMPT-72 Terminator 2

It has a Commanders Independent Sight giving the vehicle a hunter killer capability and both it & the gunner’s sight have multi-channels (day and thermal) allowing it too effectively detect targets in all conditions.

The gunner’s sight has a built in laser range finder for firing the 30mm cannons and a built-in laser control channel for missile guidance. Both sights are stablized on both axis. The vehicle has the option for an auxelary generator to power the electrical systems for silent running.

BMPT-72 Protection

Other than the standard T-72 steel construction, the vehicle is equipped with modular Explosive Reactive Armour over the frontal arc and sides, with BAR armour (aka cage armour) fitted across the engine compartment sides and rear as well as the rear of the turret.

 The Russian BMPT-72 Terminator 2

The vehicle is able to detect when it has been “painted” with a laser designator and responds by launching x10 smoke grenades that are VIRSS Visual and Infra-Red (IR) Screening Smoke that blocks Laser Range Finders.

The boxes either side of the gunner’s sight are part of the screenings detection system. A video highlights that a further x2 elements in the turret roof are part of the system, these maybe smoke grenade launchers as publications state it has x12 launchers, but only x10 are visible.

The vehicle is fitted with a new camouflage system that is possibly radar absorbing. The crew compartment is equipped with an NBC protection system.

BMPT-72 Mobility

The BMPT-72 uses a T-72 Tank Hull and therefore externally the same. The side armour has lower flaps covering the suspension and most of the road wheels. It looks pretty much identical to the T-90MS Tank. It uses standard T-72/T-90 tank tracks.

The vehicle has 2 options for its engine:

The 840hp  V-84MS V12 4-stroke multi-fuel diesel with liquid cooling and gear-driven centrifugal-type supercharger.

The 1000hp V-92S2 V12 4-stroke multi-fuel diesel with liquid cooling and turbocharger.

The gearbox is manual with 7 forward and 1 reverse gear.

BMPT-72 Crew

BMPT-72 Diagram 1

BMPT-72 has a x3 man crew (the old BMPT had 5 as it had x2 grenade launchers, these have been removed), the driver sits in a normal T-72 driver position and Commander and gunner sit in tandem behind him in the turret base.

BMPT-72 Photo Gallery

[unitegallery BMPT72]

BMPT-72 Specifications

Height:    3.33 m
Width:    3.6 m
Length (Hull): 7.2 m (includes over front mud flaps & rear BAR armour)
Combat Weight: 44 tonnes
Top Road Speed: 60 km/h
Operational Range: 500 km (with added rear fuel drums)