The Schofield Wheel And Track Tank

The Schofield Wheel And Track Tank
The Schofield Wheel And Track Tank

During World War 2 New Zealand suffered from the same problem as Australia, in that it was not receiving enough tanks from the UK to fight in the Pacific theatre. So like Australia, New Zealand set about an indigenous design which they could manufacturer for its troops.

The Schofield Wheel And Track Tank was named after its designer E.J. Schofield, it used a 2 pdr (40mm) main gun in an open toped turret. It ran on a wheel and track system so that to cover long distances fast, it could do so using the wheels and when it needed off-road mobility the tracks were unchained and lowered in to place.

Eventually the supply chain for light tanks, which were best suited for the terrain in the Pacific theatre, notably the M3 & M4 Light Tanks started to improve the project ended. The only Schofield Wheel And Track prototype built was later tested in the UK, but did not enter production.

Schofield Wheel And Track Tank Spec’s

Armament: 2 pdr gun (40mm) Main Gun
Armour: Unknown
Crew: 3
Dimensions: Length 3.96m / Width 2.71m / Height 2.1m
Weight: 5.3 tonne
Engine: 29.5hp Chevrolet
Top Road Speed: 74 km/h (wheels)
Operational Range: Unknown