Singapore AV-82 Terrex 8×8 Family

Singapore AV-82 Terrex 8×8 Family Development

The AV-82 was a Singapore Technologies Kinetics 8×8 Armoured Fighting Vehicles, that had originally been a joint development with Irish Firm, Timoney Technology Limited as an export vehicle, who built a prototype (STK).

Singapore Technologies Kinetics and Turkish firm Otokar signed an agreement to develop a 2nd prototype in 2003 in Singapore, but was built in Turkey under the designation Yavuz.

The prototype completed a 16000km mobility trials in 2003. Modifications were made to a second prototype, which did 10000km mobility trials in Singapore and 3800km in Turkey, as well as amphibious testing and even got blown up in trials against mines. This attracted the attention of the Singapore Armoured Forces, who provided funding for the further development of what is now known as the AV-82 Terrex in the SAF.

Singapore Technologies Kinetics have received an initial order from the SAF for 135 Infantry Combat Vehicles, which is enough to equip three infantry and guards battalions with 45 vehicles each. Production started in September 2009 and the order is expected to be completed in mid 2011. The vehicle is a 4th generation vehicle, this meaning it is a modular design allowing for many variants such as fire support with a 105mm main gun, which STK is currently developing.

Its not clear as to the state of production with Turkish firm Otokar.

Singapore AV-82 Terrex 8×8 Family Protection

Singapores AV-82 Terrex 8x8
Singapore AV-82 Terrex 8×8 Family

The vehicle is constructed of all welded steel, with modular armour. This forward thinking enables the vehicle to be later fitted with what ever ceramics the operator wants to install, so as to meet any future threats. It uses a V-Shape bottom to deflect the blast from mines and IED’s. Its current armour gives protection all round against 7.62mm and 12.7mm over the front. Its not known if it has an NBC system, but does have a fire suppression system inside the hull. A single bank of 6 smoke grenade launchers is mounted on the roof.

Singapore AV-82 Terrex 8×8 Family Firepower

Singapores AV-82 Terrex 8x8

Each Singaporean vehicle is fitted with one of two versions of the latest Australian EOS R-600 Remote Controlled Weapon Station. Version 1 has a 7.62 mm machine gun (MG) and an STK 40 mm automatic grenade launcher (AGL), while version 2 just has a .50 calibre MG, though various combinations are available. A further 7.62mm MG is mounted on the rear right-hand side, which can be operated by the onboard infantry through their roof hatch.

Singapore AV-82 Terrex 8×8 Family Mobility

Singapores AV-82 Terrex 8x8

The vehicle uses a Caterpillar C9 diesel, which generates 450hp, as well as an Allison 4500SP automatic transmission. This gives a top speed of 105km/h. It has a combat weight of 26ton’s.

Steering is power-assisted on the front four wheels. Its equipped with an automated central tyre inflation system and run-flat tyres. A traction control system is fitted and has a skid steer capability to reduce the turning circle.

The vehicle is fully amphibious and is powered by two rear propellers. Bilge pumps are activated.

Singapore AV-82 Terrex 8×8 Family Digital Networking

Singapores AV-82 Terrex 8x8

The vehicle is equipped with a Battlefield Management System, which features a vehicle navigation system, Blue-Force Tracking (SAF) and Red Force Marking systems (enemy), as well as extensive communications equipment to network with other air and land-based SAF platforms.

Singapore AV-82 Terrex 8×8 Family Crew

Driver (sited front left) and commander, with the rear accommodating 11 fully equipped troops. They also have full Air-Conditioning. The driver & commander have monitors, which can display the integrated cameras located all around the vehicle, which give day/night observation through a full 360 degrees of the vehicle giving a full Situational Awareness capability.

Singapore AV-82 Terrex 8×8 Family Variants

Command Variant
40mm AGL/7.62mm Coaxial MG Variant
.50 calibre HMG Variant
Pioneer Variant
Medical Variant
Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition (RSTA) Variant
STORM Variant