The T-72M4 CZ Tank

The T-72M4 CZ Tank Background

The T-72M4 CZ Tank
The T-72M4 CZ Tank

In 1993 Czechoslovakia dissolved into two separate states, The Czech Republic and Slovakia. The military equipment of the former Czechoslovakia was divided and inherited by both new nations.

The Czech Republic received hundreds of the export version of the Russian T-72 Main Battle Tank, the T-72M1, which had been built under licence in the former Czechoslovakia.

T-72M4 CZ Timeline

Development of an upgrade package for the T-72M1 started in 1994 and trials started in 2000. Though another upgrade package was offered called the T-72-M3 CZ, in April 2001 the Government of the Czech Republic ordered 140 tanks were to be upgraded to the T-72-M4 CZ.

This number was then reduced to just 30 in August of 2001 due to funding. In 2003, 10 upgraded vehicles were delivered to the army, the same in 2004, 8 in 2005 and the last 2 in February 2006.

T-72M4 CZ Mobility

The T-72M4 CZ Tank

The vehicle has a new power pack consisting of a  CV-12-1000 TCA CONDOR Perkins engine and an Allison XTG  411-6-N electronically  controlled  automatic  transmission. The new power pack has  1000 hp compared to the old 780hp power pack.

The increased power provides greater power-to-weight ratio enabling better acceleration and all over cross country capability. The power pack and chassis work was completed by Israeli company Nimda Co. Ltd.

T-72M4 CZ Firepower

The new TURMS/T Fire Control System. Commanders sight on left, gunners right.

The Fire Control System and sighting equipment has been upgraded. The new FCS is the TURMS/T by Italian company SELEX GALILEO. The system includes an Independent sight for the commander, giving the vehicle a hunter killer capability bringing the vehicle up to a 3rd generation standard.

The FCS provides a high first hit chance against stationary and moving targets and has a laser range finder.

All crew sights, including the drivers have night vision. The vehicle has a modern GPS navigation system called NBV-97, which was developed by Letecké Přístroje Praha SRO and a new communications suite has been added.

The 125mm calibre smoothbore main gun can fire a variety of rounds with a Muzzle Velocity of 1650 and a rate of fire at 8 rounds per minute thanks to its autoloader. It has a reported firing range of day 5 km and at night 4 km. The main gun is stabilised in two level for firing on the moving.

Secondary weapon 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine gun

A new enhanced 125mm APFSDS-T Ammunition round has also been developed by Synthesia. Secondary weapons are a 7.62mm PKT co-axial machine gun and a 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine gun.

T-72M4 CZ Protection

The T-72M4 CZ Tank

The most visually noticeable upgrade are the new ERA (explosive Reactive Armour) bricks added to the turret and hull glacis to compliment the basic composite armour. Developed in Poland, the new ERA is called DYNA, meaning DYNamic Armour.

Additional protection against magnetic mines comes in the form of the Metra Blansko SP System, which neutralises magnetic fuses.

The crew compartment has full NBC protection and a fire detection and suppression system supplied by German company Kidde Deugra.

The vehicle is also fitted with a laser warning system, which alerts the commander if the vehicle is being targeted by a laser range finder as used by other modern tanks and sophisticated Anti-Tank Missile launchers. The system  informs him of the direction the laser is coming from.

The vehicle can respond by either laying its main gun on to the direction or deploy a smoke screen by firing its smoke grenades or by pumping diesel on to the exhaust to generate smoke.

T-72M4 CZ Status

Though 30 tanks have been upgraded, the Czech Republic retains a force of T-72M1 in reserve. The T-72M4 CZ is in service with the 73rd Tank Battalion Přáslavice of the Land Forces of the Czech Republic.

T-72M4 CZ Spec’s

Total weight: 48,000 kg
Number of crew members: 3
Maximum road speed: 61 km per hour
Maximum off-road speed: 44 km per hour
Firing range: day: 5000 m, at night: 4000 m
Effective firing range (compared to T-72): 2 – 2.2 times
The tank commander may conduct an effective fire:
Laser distance measurement: 240 – 9995 m
Distance target detection: day: min 5000 m, at night: min 4000 m
The probability of hitting the target (compared to T-72) first round: from a stationary tank: 1-1,1x, from a moving tank: 1,8-3x
The effect of the new podkaliberního charge in the target (compared to BM-15): 1.6x
Maximum speed: Forward: 61 km.h -1, in the field: 44 km.h -1 reverse: 14 kph -1
Cannon charge 125 / EPpSv-97:
The total weight of the charge: 20.3 kg
Bullet weight (including sub-combustible cartridge): 10.7 kg
Penetrator Weight: 3.8 kg
Muzzle velocity 1650 ms -1
Deviation missiles (vertical and lateral) at 2000 m distance: 36 cm
Blank cartridge F-62 CZ-combustible packaging
Use all tanks T-72 series, including T-72M4 CZ