The T-72MP Tank

The T-72MP Tank

The T-72MP Tank has been developed and marketed as an upgrade package for the T-72M Tank series (exported & licence built version of the Russian T-72).

Ukrainian Company KMDB and Czech Company PSP Bohemia (marketed as PSP T-72MP) are the main contractors with French company SAGEM SA supplying certain systems.

The T-72MP was shown for the first time at the t Eurosatory ’98 exhibition in Le Bourges, France in June 1998 and then later at the IDET ’99 exhibition in Brno (Czech Republic) in May 1999. It has not attracted any orders on the international market.

The T-72MP upgrade contains elements from the T-72AG and T-84 Main Battle Tanks, giving it its distinct look of a T-80UD/T-84 MBT’s.

The T-72MP Tank

The T-72MP when compared to T-72M Tanks, has an improved mobility thanks to a new engine, new and improved Fire Control System with night vision capability and improved protection with the addition of Explosive Reactive armour used in the older Mark of the Oplot Main Battle Tank.

The T-72MP Tank Spec’s

Main characteristics T-72 T-72MP
Weight (t) 41.5 45.5
Power-to-weight ratio (hp/t) 19 21.7 (26.08 if 6TD-2 engine is installed)
Engine power output (hp) 780 1000 (1200)
Periodicity of air cleaner maintenance
under extreme dusty conditions (km)
300 at least 1000
Max road speed (km/h) 60 65

(70 with high-speed gear-box)

Deep fording without preparation (m) 1.2 1.8
Max acceptable ambient air temperature +40 +55

Armour add-on plates

no yes

Explosive reactive armour

no yes
Power pack compartment top deckthermal protection no yes
Dazzle painting no yes
Fire/explosion suppression system only fire-fighting equipment yes
Fire control system
Gunner’s day sight, type TPD-K1 SAVAN-15
Target detection range (m) 4000 5000
Field-of-view stabilization in one axis in two axes
Gunner’s night sight, type TPN-1

(image intensification)


(with thermal imager)

Target detection range (m) 400 3000
Field-of-view stabilization no in two axes
Commander’s sight, type observation device TKN-3 VS 580

panoramic sight and monitor of the thermal imager of SAVAN-15

Target detection range (m)

by day (m)

2000 5000

at night (m)

400 3000
Field-of-view stabilization no in two axes
Fire control override mode no yes
Tank ballistic computer no digital computer
with built-in testsystem
Anti-aircraft machine gun, type open
(unprotected by armour)
(protected by armour)
Stabilization no in two axes
Firing modes only when the tank
is stationary
when the tank is
stationary or moving