The 4×4 BOV-VP Armoured Personnel Carrier

The 4×4 BOV-VP Armoured Personnel Carrier

The 4×4 BOV-VP Armoured Personnel Carrier (Borbeno Oklopno Vozilo), (English translation – Combat Armoured Vehicle) was manufactured in the former Yugoslavia.

The BOV accommodates 10 personnel including the driver, gunner and eight infantry. The vehicle is powered by the 150hp Deutz type F 6L 413 F six-cylinder diesel engine.


BOV-1 – anti-tank vehicle armed with x6 AT-3 missiles. Also known as POLO M-83.

BOV-3 – air-defence version with triple M55A4B1 20mm cannon and 1,500 rounds.
BOV-30 – prototype air-defence vehicle with twin mounted 30mm guns.
BOV-M – armoured personnel carrier for the Milicija. This version is armed with smoke-grenade launchers and a 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine gun.
BOV-SN – ambulance version.
BOV-VP – armoured personnel carrier for the military police. Also known as M-86.


Bosnia and Herzegovina – 34 BOV-VP and 39 BOV-3
Croatia – 44 BOV-3, 37 BOV-1 and 54 BOV-VP(used mainly for peacekeeping)
Serbia – 58 BOV-VP, 84 BOV-1 and 65 BOV-3
Slovenia – 12 BOV-VP and 28 BOV-M (reserve status)
Yugoslavia – Passed on to successor states


Weight 9.1 tonnes
Length 5.7m
Width 2.53m
Height 2.33m
Armour 10-15mm of steel
Main armament 7.62mm or 12.7mm Machine Gun
Engine 150hp Deutz F6L413 diesel engine
Suspension 4×4 wheeled
Operational range 500 km
Speed 95 km/h