The BAE RG Protector MRAP

BAE RG Protector MRAP

The development of the RG Protector MRAP is based on the successful proven Casspir heritage. The RG Protector has open architecture and is offered in several variants based on a 6×6 and 4×4 model. The vehicle can accommodate up to 18 people in the 6×6 version. The straight forward utilisation of a total commercial drive train ensures affordability. Developed by BAE Systems, marketing started in 2011 and tere are no known operators.

Main features of the RG Protector MRAP:

– Proven and reliable. The vehicle’s design incorporates the best practices of the battle proven Casspir.
– The monocoque V-shaped hull is fitted to the chassis, contributing to the vehicle’s superior mine/blast protection.
– It’s built on affordable COTS (commercial-off-the shelf) building blocks.
– Easy maintenance and worldwide support from BAE Systems and the chosen COTS partner.
– The rugged and robust design is suitable for Africa’s harsh conditions.
– Larger rear doors ensures easy access and egress.

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