The Brazilian Bernardini Upgraded M41 Light Tank

The Brazilian Armed Forces received about 300 ex-surplus M41 Bulldogs from the US Army, as their light weight proved ideal for the countries terrain, however they lacked a decent operational range, so an upgrade program was implemented to increase this and the firepower, with all work was carried out by  Brazilian firm Bernardini.

The Brazilian Bernardini Upgraded M41 Light Tank

M41B: The original 500hp petrol engine has been replaced by a Brazilian-built Saab-Scania DS-14 series diesel. A new cooling and electrical systems were fitted. The original 76mm main gun was re-bored to 90mm calibre for increased lethality. 286 of the original 300 received this upgrade and all upgrade work was completed by 1984.

M41C: This was a second upgrade. The Brazilian Marine Corps ordered 35 M41C tanks, these being M41Bs with an up-to-date fire-control system, appliqué armour and the 90mm Ca 76/90 M32 BR3 main gun. Deliveries were completed by 1990.

The Brazilian Bernardini Upgraded M41 Light Tank Spec’s

Weight 25 tonne
Dimensions Length 8.2m / Width 3.19m / Height 2.72m
Crew 4
Armaments x1 90mm rifled main gun / x1 7.62mm MG / x1 12.7mm M2 HB MG
Powerpack Saab-Saab-Scania DS-14 series diesel.& Allison manual gearbox
Suspension Torsion Bars
Operational range 600km
Top Road Speed 70km/h