The British 4×4 Simba Armoured Personnel Carrier

The British 4×4 Simba Armoured Personnel Carrier can transport 8 to 10 troops in the main compartment, which is located behind the front section of the vehicle were the driver and engine is located. It can accommodate various turrets which is mounted centrally and accessed from the main compartment.

Developed for the export market (ie it wasn’t for the British Army) by former British Firm GKN Defence (now part of BAE Systems), its only customer and operator is the Philippines Armed Forces, who were supplied with 150, of which x2 were delivered complete, x2 in self assembly kits and the rest manufactured under licence in the Philippines.


The British 4×4 Simba Armoured Personnel Carrier

Infantry Fighting Vehicle – Has a two man turret housing either a 20mm or 25 chain gun
Armoured Personnel Carrier/Internal Security – Has a one man turret housing a 12.7mm Machine Gun
Fire Support Vehicle – Has a two man turret housing a 90mm main gun
Anti Tank – Roof mounted launcher for either HOT or TOW Anti-Tank Wire Guided Missiles
Mortar – Turret replaced with large hatch so that a 81mm mortar can be fired from with in the vehicle. The mortar is mounted on a turntable so that mortar can be bared on to different targets with out the vehicle having to move.


Dimensions: Length 5.35m / Width 2.50m / Height 1.19m
Engine: Perkins 210Ti 210bhp turbocharged diesel
Top road speed: 100mk/h
Max road range: 660km
Weight: 9.5tonne (combat)
Protection: Steel protection against Machine Gun, No NBC but is optional