The British Army Ocelot AKA Foxhound LPPV

Force Protection Europe has signed a contract with the UK MoD to supply an order of 300 Ocelots, and an initial spares package, for the Light Protected Patrol Vehicles (LPPV) programme. The contract is valued at approximately £180 million and delivery of the vehicles is scheduled to be completed by Spring 2012.

The announcement means that Force Protection Europe’s unique new light protected patrol vehicle can now lay claim to two important industry firsts. The Ocelot will be the first ever British designed and built protected patrol vehicle to include a fully composite pod to protect the occupants. This innovative module has been developed by drawing on technology from the motorsports industry.

The British Army Ocelot AKA Foxhound LPPV

Ocelot (British Army designation – Foxhound) will also be the first British military vehicle to accommodate the MoD’s new Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA) requirements. The objective of the GVA project is to create a single, standard digital electronic and electrical architecture for UK vehicles that will enable crew to manage power and handle data efficiently on the vehicle, and for the vehicle to be easily adapted when the need arises. The award is also a significant boost to Force Protection Europe’s supply chain which is 90 percent British by value.

The British Army Ocelot AKA Foxhound LPPV

Designed, developed and built in the UK by survivability specialist Force Protection Europe and automotive specialist Ricardo plc, together with Team Ocelot partners Thales, QinetiQ, Formaplex, DSG and Sula, Ocelot is the most highly protected and agile vehicle of its size and weight that is available today. A clean sheet design, Ocelot has undergone more than 12 months of rigorous blast and mobility testing before being chosen by the MoD.

David Hind, Managing Director, Force Protection Europe, said, “We are absolutely delighted to be awarded this important contract. Ocelot is a step change in protected mobility for this weight and class of vehicle and I am confident that it will be used to great effect in Afghanistan and any future operations.  My number one priority now is to ensure that these vehicles are delivered to the MoD within the agreed timeframe. We are fully geared up to achieve this.”

Dave Shemmans, CEO of Ricardo plc said, “The Ocelot is a major advance in defence vehicle technology, offering an agile and highly flexible vehicle package with unparalleled standards of crew protection.  We are pleased to have played a central role in developing this innovative new vehicle and look forward to working with Team Ocelot in the manufacture of the first 200 Ocelots for use by British forces.”

The British Army Ocelot AKA Foxhound LPPV Timetable

The Ocelot was first shown in September 2009 by Force Protection Europe. In September 2010, the MoD announced that the Ocelot would replace the Snatch Land Rover and named the Foxhound

In June 2012 it was announced by the MoD that the Foxhound had been delivered to Afghanistan and was undergoing final tests and evaluation. The original order was for 300 vehicles at a cost of £270m, with another 25 ordered in 2012.

The British Army Ocelot AKA Foxhound LPPV Export

In  January 2015, General Dynamics was offering Ocelot to Canada as a replacement for its special forces Humvees.