The Canadian RAM Tank

The Canadian RAM Mk I Tank


The Canadian RAM Tank was a Canadian adaptation of the American M3 medium tank. It did away the hull mounted 75mm (76mm later on) gun so as to lower the vehicles height and fitted it with a new 3 man turret.

The new turret was fitted with a 40mm Main Gun (2pndr) and the vehicle was referred to as the RAM Mk I. The main production model was the RAM Mk II and had a larger 57mm Main Gun.

The first Mk I prototype was completed in mid 1941 and was in full production by early 1942. A total of 1094 (50 being Mk I) were built by the Montreal Locomotive Works, however the vehicle never saw active service and was relegated to the training role in both Canada and Britain.

The Canadian RAM Mk II Tank

The Mk II all-cast steel hull was modified for a number of specialist roles, the most common being the Kangaroo Armoured Personnel Carrier that transported 11 troops.


Armaments: 57mm Main Gun & x3 7.62mm MG’s
Armour: 87mm steel
Crew: 5
Dimensions: Length 5.79m / Width 2.76m / Height 2.66m
Weight: 29.48 tonne
Engine: Continental R-975 9-Cylinder 400bhp Petrol
Top Road Speed: 40.2km/h
Operational Range: 232 km