The German 15t mil gl MULTI Military Truck

The German 15t mil gl MULTI Military Truck

The German 15t mil gl MULTI Military Truck was developed and built by German Firm MAN AG for the German Army, the vehicle uses a similar system as the British Armies DROP’s. The Germans system is called MULTI (Mechanized handling, storage and transport integration), which enables rapid supply the troops with ammunition in particular.

The German 15t mil gl MULTI Military Truck Technical Data

Engine: MAN D 2866 LF (EURO II) turbocharged and intercooled 294 kW/ 400 PS
Transmission: ZF synchromesh transmission with 16 forward and 2 reverse gears
Speed: max. 84 km / h
Climbing ability: 38%
gross vehicle weight: 32000 kg
Net payload: 18560 kg (14000 kg payload military)
Length: 9000 mm
Width: 2500 mm
Height: Construction according to

Improved vehicle – MULTI 2 (A3)

The vehicle is based on the all-terrain series of SX MAN TGA with the new technology of a MAN Engine:

MAN D 2876 with EURO III 6-cylinder, exhaust gas turbocharger with charge air cooling and cooled exhaust gas recirculation, direct injection, water cooling.
Displacement: 12,816 cc
Power: 338 kW (460 hp), torque 2100 Nm at 1000-1300 rpm U
Transmission: Fully Automatic Transmission ZF HP 902 with a flange-mounted transfer case

The chassis is essentially that of the MULTI 1 but was extended by 290 mm to allow an increase in the driver’s cabin. In MULTI 2 2 soldiers can rest in the cab. In addition to the unprotected version of the cab adjusts to vehicle protection equipment on a new dimension to the protection of the crew dar. Based on the findings of the development of Dingo protection cell, a development that the effect of mine explosions to eight kilograms Blast far reduced so that any serious or life-threatening injuries the crew gets.