The KMW GFF 4 Grizzly

The KMW GFF 4 Grizzly

Like the US MRAP program, the Bundeswehr have been running their own protected vehicle procurement program called GFF, which is an acronym for armoured command and multipurpose vehicle.

Vehicles are divided into four categories: the lightweight, 5.3ton GFF 1, the 7.5ton GFF 2, the 12.5ton GFF 3 and the 25ton GFF 4 all-terrain utility vehicle.

Well respected German manufacturer  Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) designate the vehicle simply as GFF 4 (as the vehicle is developed for that weight class) whilst others call it  the KMW Grizzly.

The well armoured hull know as ‘the cell’ is built on to the 6×6 Trakker chassis from IVECO.  Thou the vehicle has been around since 2007 there are no recent press releases by the manufacturer for any orders and the vehicle is not included with other wheeled vehicles like the Eagle and Dingo 2 on the German Armies website.

Its still marketed on rauss-Maffei Wegmann website as an ambulance and command & control vehicle. Its unconfirmed that Lebanon has ordered 5 vehicles and Italy 56 vehicles, 16 ambulance.

The KMW GFF 4 Grizzly Specifications

Weight 25 tonne
Length 7.60m
Width 2.53m
Height 3.08m
Engine power 450hp
Maximum speed 90 km/h
Cruising range 800 km
Armament FLW 100 / FLW 200 (remote weapon stations)
Crew 1 plus 10 fully equipped soldiers

The KMW GFF 4 Grizzly Further Information

Combination of protection, mobility and transport capacity
Tried and established chassis
Headroom > 1.75 m
Usable volume 17 m³ + 1 m³ unprotected
Payload 4 tonne
Additional generator
Semi-automatic tyre pressure control system
NBC protective ventilation + air-conditioning
Prepared fittings for weapon stations
Access between driver cab and mission compartment
Payload modularity
Various rear door option

The KMW GFF 4 Grizzly
The KMW GFF 4 Grizzly
The KMW GFF 4 Grizzly