The German SLT 50-2 Elefant Tank Transporter

The German SLT 50-2 Elefant Tank Transporter entered service with the German Army at the same time as what was the new Leopard 2 in the late 1970’s.

The vehicle comprises a tractor unit (forward section with the engine, and cab which can accommodate the driver and 3 troopers) and the trailer which can support the weight of up to 52 tonne’s of  Leopard 2.

In total 324 SLT 50-2 Elefants and associated Kässbohrer (licence build from Krupp) four-axle trailers were delivered to the German Army.

Tractor and trailer combinations were upgraded between 1982-2000, the tractor truck being re-designated the SL 50-3.

SLT 50-2 tractor 8×8 tractor

length: 8.83m
width: 3.07m
weight: 22,800 kg
Engine: Deutz MWM diesel TBD 234 V-12 734 bhp.
speed: 65 km/h on road, level ground.
Range: 600km

52-ton SaAnh (Sattelhänger) 52 tonne semi-trailer

length: 13.1 / 7.8 m (total / loading platform)
width: 3.15 / 3.15 m (total / loading platform)
weight: 16,200 kg (unladen)
Max.load: 52,000 kg

Poland also now operates the vehicle following adoption of the Leopard 2A4.