The German YaK 6×6 Multi-Purposed Vehicle

The German YaK 6×6 Multi-Purposed Vehicle – Ambulance

The German YaK 6×6 Multi-Purposed Vehicle history

The DURO (DUrable and Robust) is a 6×6 wheeled multi-purposed vehicle, developed by Bucher-Guyer AG and manufactured by Swiss firm MOWAG (now part of General Dynamic Land Systems). Production started during the early 1990’s and several thousand are now in service with a number of countries.

The DURO meets the requirements for a highly mobile 10 to 13 tonne multi-purposed vehicle. However it is non-armoured. German firm Rheinmetall Landsysteme formed a partnership with MOWAG and combined their armour technology with the DURO III to create a hybrid now known as the YaK The YaK’s armour provides protection against Machine Gun fire and mines, as well as NBC protection for its two man frontal cab.

The YaK chassis can be fitted with various mission role modules forming a family of variants. The German army ordered 100 vehicles in 2005 in several variants:

Field ambulances
Military police vehicles
Ground control stations
Launch/landing vehicles for its Luna reconnaissance drones;
Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD)
Prisoner transport
Air force security
Cartographic operations
Yak mobile biological reconnaissance systems (Variant available)