The Israeli Lynx MLRS

The Israeli Lynx MLRS

The Israeli Lynx MLRS – Above picture is of 3 Lynx MLRS operated by Azerbaijan, each with the different missile pods it can fire

Manufactured by Israel Military Industries, the Lynx is the next generation of their MLRS systems, which includes the latest following advanced systems:

• Autonomous & modular launching system capable of firing various  artillery rockets & tactical missiles, including GRAD, LAR, EXTRA and DELILAH-GL precision attack weapon
• The launchers automatically identify the munitions on board
• Autonomous Launcher with Multiple Pods & Warheads
• Meteorological System
• Forward Observation
• Aerial Intelligence & BDA
• C4I

The Israeli Lynx MLRS Rockets & Missiles the System fires

EXTRA “Extended Range Artillery tactical-range artillery missile”

• Long range: Allows ground force commanders to
influence the battlefield at 20-150 km range
• High accuracy: 10 m CEP
• Depth capability: Strike a wide range of high payoff targets across the tactical battlefield (command & communication centers, logistic installation,   transportation infrastructure)
• Flexibility: Ability to easily transfer firepower between sectors

LARS-160 (Mk4)

The LAR-160 Rocket is a modern free flight, fin-stabilized, solid propellant, surface-to-surface 160 mm artillery rocket packed in a launch pod. The LAR-160 has a range of 45 km.


ACCULAR is an autonomous, surface-to-surface GPS guided rocket based on IMI’s LAR-160 artillery rocket. The missile has a range of 14-40 km, a diameter of 160 mm, a length of 3995 mm and a hit accuracy CEP of 10 meters.
The missile’s guidance and navigation is performed by a Flight Computer (FC), which includes a GPS. The IMI jet thruster kit controls the missile by establishing a trajectory correction for precise target engagement.

Range – 40 km
Hit Accuracy – 10 meters CEP
Navigation – GPS
Warhead – 35 kg
Number of Rockets/POD – 11

BM-21 Grad 122mm (based rockets)

The system can also fire 122mm Russian BM-21 Grad based rockets. These various rockets are mounted in pods, which the launcher can accommodate 2.

The test bed vehicle has been mounted on what appears to be a German Mercedes-Benz truck chassis, however the only customer so far is the Army of Azerbaijan and they mount the system on the Russian KamAZ-6350 8×8 military trick chassis.