The Korean KM500 Truck Family

Following the end of the fighting in the 1950’s Korean War, which the US Forces contributed heavily in as part of a UN led force, the war has never ended as no official peace treaty has been signed to date, technically leaving North Korea at war with the United Nations Command and South Korea. This has led to a significant US Forces presences in South Korea in support of the ROKA, such as Camp Red Cloud.

Some have referred to this as a proxy War, but what is clear is that though the ROKA can rely on local manufacturing of its AFV’s, they are either designed, based or copied from the USA. Such examples are the K1A1 MBT, which is nick named the baby Abrams and the Kia KM500, which is based on the 1950’s M809 truck.

Both cab and cargo body are covered with removable canvas. The windshield also folds forward for maximum versatility. The removable slatted cargo body walls serve as troop seats when folded down. It provides seating for up to 24 fully-equipped troops.

The Kia KM500 is powered by a D6AZ 11.2-liter diesel engine, developing 270hp. It is a locally built MAN engine.

The Korean KM500 Truck Family

The Korean KM500 Truck Family Variants

KM500 cargo truck

KM501 dump truck

KM502 wrecker

KM503 tractor truck

KM504 expandable van

KM505 cargo truck with extended wheelbase

KM506 bridge carrier

The Korean KM500 Truck Family Specifications

Configuration 6 x 6
Cab seating 1 + 2 men
Weight 9.45 t
Maximum load 4.5 / 9 t
Length 2.24 m
Width 7.76 m
Height 2.92 m
Engine D6AZ diesel
Engine power 270 hp
Maximum road speed 88 km/h
Range 855 km