The Polish BLG-67 AVLB

Poland was a licensed manufacturer of the Russian T-55 and of course had made modifications of these for their own use. Several thousand were build by Poland, which means of course it would need a number of combat support vehicles, such as Combat Engineer, Armoured Recovery Vehicle and Armoured Vehicle Launched Bridge.

The Polish BLG-67 AVLB was for the Polish T-55 fleet. The vehicle was a joint development between Poland and East Germany and manufactured in Poland for service in both countries.

The bridge is a scissor type, which was more the common at the time of the vehicles development. It can cope with the a maximum load of 50tons per crossing.

The Polish BLG-67 AVLB Spec’s

Engine: 580hp diesel
speed: 50 km/h
Fuel Capacity: 500 litres
Range: 280 to 450km
maximum angle of elevation: 30 degrees
maximum lateral inclination: 17 degrees
maximum depth of the ford: 1.4 m
Bridge Weight: 6 ton
Bridge Load capacity: 50 ton
Bridge Length: 10.4m / 20m (complex / distributed)
Bridge Width: 3.25 to 3.27 m