The Polish Army HSW SL-34C loader-dozer

The Polish Army HSW SL-34C loader-dozer is built by Huta Stalowa Wola (HSW) which is Poland’s largest manufacturer of construction equipment. The SL-34C loader-dozer is the continuing evolution of the SL-34 series and is based on a commercial machine, but includes a number of military-specific features in its design. The SL-34C replaced the earlier SL-34B in production. Wojskowe Zaklady Inzynieryjne of Poland offers a full overhaul and modernisation service for time-served L-34 loader-dozers, bringing them up to SL-34 standard.

The HSW SL-34C loader-dozer is entirely conventional in design, being based on an articulating frame-steer chassis with four equal-sized driven wheels. The front axle is rigid and un-sprung, the rear axle oscillates ±13° around a central pivot point to take account of ground undulations. The standard bucket is a CZ-5 four-in-one Drott-type of 3 m3 capacity. This allows the machine to perform a variety of earthmoving, loading, dozing, grading/scraping and pick-and-carry tasks. A quick-couple device allows for the rapid exchange of buckets and a side-shift-capable forklift attachment or a hydraulic grab may also be used. A Rockinger 561E towing attachment with dual line air and 24 V electrical connectors at the rear of the machine allows loads of up to 60,000 kg to be towed on paved roads. Motive power is provided by a Cummins diesel engine developing 215 hp. The engine is equipped with a pre-heat system for starting at low ambient temperatures. The one-person cab is heated and also equipped with an overpressure system.