The Polish PMC AVLB Family


The Polish PMC AVLB Family

The Polish PMC AVLB Family was developed on a PT-91 hull, it is able to carry out missions required to operations of combat forces, improving and increasing their tactical manoeuvrability. Main components from MBT have been adopted to provide interchange ability and the best logistic support. The comparable performance of whole family vehicles system was the main task during design of PMC-90 to make it capable to combat characteristic of MBTs.

The Polish PMC AVLB Family

The Polish PMC AVLB Family bridge is of a scissoring type and is operated by launching mechanism, hydraulically controlled from inside of the vehicles. The 20 meters long and 3,445 meters wide bridge, launched within 3 minutes is crossable by all 50 tons vehicles. Combination of multi-bridging arrangements to cross larger and more complicated obstacles can be carried out.

The PMC-90 is close support bridge layer which has the same mobility as basic MBT. With its low combat weight of 37 tons, it can speed up to 60 km/h, reaching max. cruising range of 550 km. It keeps excellent cross country capability. It can drive up gradients of 60% and surmount obstacles up to 0,85 meters height and trenches up to 2,8 meters width.

The vehicle has not been adopted and remains at the prtotype stage.



The Iguana Bridge applicant is a 26m horizantly launched bridge formed by two bridge sections, each being 14m long. The automatic deployment system allows the bridge to be launched and deployed in about five minutes by one crewman. The bridging system is unsed on the Abrams Wolverine, Finnish Leopard 2 and many more vehicles and was developed and manufactured by German Firm Krauss-Maffei Wegmann GmbH & Co. KG

The Iguana Bridge system is integrated to the PT-91M hull by the vehicles manufactuer Bumar-Labedy for the Malaysian Army, who now operate a total of 5 vehicles. The vehicle is AKA PMC-Leguan.