The Polish PZA Loara SPAAG

The Polish PZA Loara SPAAG is one of the most recently developed radar-directed self-propelled anti-aircraft gun systems. The turret (gives protection from MG fire & artillery shell splinters) has two radars, a 3D search radar and an engagement radar. The search radar has a range of 26km and is capable of tracking and identifying up to 64 targets at once. The 35mm main guns are supplied by Swiss firm Oerlikon.

The vehicle has a laser range-finder, TV and FLIR cameras giving the system both all-weather day/night capabilities. The system can engage aircraft flying at very low altitudes up to 5,000 m, and flying at speeds of up to 500m/s.

It is built on the Polish PT-91 Twardy tank hull and its believed that between 3 to 5 vehicles have been purchased by the Polish Army who are currently the only operator.

The Polish PZA Loara SPAAG Spec’s

Weight 45 tonnes
Length 6.67m
Width 3.4m
Height 2.19m
Crew 3 (commander, driver, gunner)
Armour conventional steel
Primary armament 2 × 35 mm auto cannon’s
Engine 1000hp diesel S-1000
Power/weight 20 hp/tonne
Suspension torsion bar
Operational range 650 km
Top Road Speed 60 km/h