The ROKA K1 Armoured Vehicle Launching Bridge

The ROKA K1 Armoured Vehicle Launching Bridge

The ROKA K1 Armoured Vehicle Launching Bridge developed on the basis of the K1 MBT with a crew of two. The K1 AVLB was developed from 1988 to 1992, with technical support of British Vickers Defence Systems in bridging system, and was deployed in the mid 1990s.

The K1 AVLB is a close support bridge layer, which has the same superb mobility as the K1 MBT. With a combat weight of 54.7 tonnes, it can speed up to 65km/h on roads and has a cruising range of approximately 434 km as well as excellent cross-country mobility. It is capable of crossing trenches up to a width of 2.66m. It can surmount obstacles up to 0.8m tall, and can travel up gradients of 60°

The bridge is a scissoring type and can be operated by the launching mechanism composed of 3 stages of hydraulic cylinders, launching frame, launching pad, launching arm and connecting rods. The 4m wide and 22m long bridge is crossable by all 60 ton vehicles and it can be launched within 3 to 5 minute and retrieved less than 10 minutes.

Also it can be retrieved by the armoured bridge layer from either side. And it can be launched in side slope up to 3°.

The automatic fire suppression system and the personal CBR system are included for the crew’s safety. A 7.62mm machine gun is mounted against enemy’s attack during the operation, and smoke grenade launchers on the launch pad and the hull are the prepared for concealing the vehicle from the enemies’ detection.