The Romanian LAROM MLRS

The Romanian LAROM MLRS is a relatively new vehicle for the Romanian Army, entering service around 2002. As an operator of the BM-21 Grad 122mm MLRS, it had a plentyful supply of 122mm rockets.

The LAROM uses a GradLAR launcher, which is a cost-effective upgrade package developed by IMI of Israel and available for users of the Russian 122mm BM-21 Grad MLRS. The upgrade adds components and technology from the LAR-160 launcher. The upgrade provides improved electrical and hydraulic system plus an advanced C4I system.
The GradLAR launcher allows either IMI’s LAR-160 or Russian/Soviet 122mm Grad rockets to be fired.

The vehicle is a some what ugly duckling, but packs a powerful punch. The vehicles traversable launcher is mounted on a DAC-25.360 6X6 truck chassis with an armoured cab for the crew. The launcher uses two reusable pods.

2 Different pods are used:

122mm GRAD rockets – 20 launching per pod, it has a 18kg HE warhead, a range of approximately 20km and can be fired in salvos of up to 2 rounds per second.

160mm LAR-160 Mk.4 rockets – 13 launching per pod, it has HE-FRAG or cluster warheads, which can be either anti-personnel or anti-tank sub-munitions. The rockets range is 45km and can be fired in salvos of up to 1 round every 1.8 seconds.

24 vehicles are in service with the option for further orders.