The Russian BPM-97 aka KAMAZ 43269 “Shot”

The Russian BPM-97 aka KAMAZ 43269 “Shot” was intended for Russian internal security, notably border patrols, however the lack of available state funding to purchase it has left a big question mark of numbers built and operators, thou its understood that development started between 1995 and 1997 and roughly 50 (according to Janes) have been built.

There are conflicting sources about the vehicle, with estimations on the number of troops it can carry from 8 to 10 (plus driver and commander). It has side and rear doors as well a turret ring to fit turrets with varying configurations of  weapons.

Again conflict sources state the vehicle is a welded aluminium construction others say a welded steel construction, which both provide an all round protection from 7.62mm MG fire and frontal against 12.7mm.

Russian firm Kurgan (most famous for their work with the BMP series) construct the hull and ship it to KAMAZ, who are another Russian Firm specialising in military trucks. They install the automotive components which includes their 740.10-20 240hp V-8 cylinder diesel engine.