The Russian T-70 Light Tank

The Russian T-70 Light Tank

The Russian T-70 Light Tank had a unique setup. Rather than the standard 1 engine to power a tank, the T-70 used a twin engine power train using two petrol GAZ-202’s, which gave the vehicle a respectable top road speed of 45km/h, however it was very unreliable.

The vehicle was used for the reconnaissance role and infantry support. The vehicle commander also served as the loader and gunner for the 45mm Main Gun.

Production began in 1942 and in October 1943 production swapped to the more heavily armoured T-70A. 8266 were built in total and served through out the later years of the Eastern Front during World War 2.

The Russian T-70 Light Tank Specifications (T-70A)

Armaments: 45mm Main Gun / x1 7.62mm MG
Armour: 10 – 45mm steel plate
Crew: 2
Dimensions: Length 4.29m / Width 2.32m / Height 2.04m
Weight: 9.2 tonne
Engine: x2 GAZ 202 6 Cylinder 85bhp Petrol
Top Road Speed: 45 km/h
Range: Unknown