The South African Casspir Mk IV Mine Resistant APC

MECHEM had its origins as the Applied Chemistry Unit (ACU) of the CSIR (Counsel for Scientific and Industrial Research of South Africa) tasked with research and development of mechanical and chemical solutions to defence related problems giving way to the name MECHEM. MECHEM is a subsidiary of Denel (Pty) Ltd and wholly owned by South African government.

The South African Casspir Mk IV Mine Resistant APC is the re-launched, very popular Casspir MK II by MECHEM in 2010. There are currently no know operators of the Mk IV.

Mk IV upgrades include

It is stronger and faster due to the new technology drive train.
It has improved protection levels and a stronger hull.
It can be Up–Armoured (API).
It has an improved interior.
It is slightly wider and lower, but with the same crew comfort.
Choice of automatic or manual transmission.


The South African Casspir Mk IV Mine Resistant APC

Engine: 6.7 Litre Cummins Model BT6 (300hp)
Transmission: Allison 3000 Automatic
Axle Front: Axletech 9 Ton (ABS Optional)
Axle Rear: Axletech 13 Ton (ABS Optional)
Air conditioner Fully Integrated
Protection Levels: Triple TM-57 equivalent to 21kg TNT under the wheel and 14kg under the hull 7.62 x 51 NATO ball ammunition
Electrical System: 24v direct current
Steering box: Power Assisted
Cooling system: Pressurised Water/Glycol mixture
Fuel System & capacity: Dieseline 220 litre
Optional: Exterior Bins / Up Armouring