The South African RG-12 4×4 APC

The South African RG-12 4×4 APC

The South African RG-12 4×4 APC was developed by the former TFM which is now part of BAE Systems Land Systems OMC, the first prototypes were built in 1990 and entered production later that year. Though called an Armoured Personnel Carrier, its aimed more at the law enforcement market for SWAT and Riot Patrols.

It lacks the V-Shape underbelly of the other “RG” Family of Mine Resistant/Protected Patrol Vehicles or ground clearance for off-roading.

The vehicle is equipped with many extra’s to assist law enforcement, like a barrier clearing device fitted on the front of the cab, sirens, tanoys, fire extinguishers, flashing beacons etc.

The South African RG-12 4×4 APC

Both the driver and commander are seated up front of the vehicle with the power pack under them like a standard lorry. The rear section is where the officers sit. They have all round windows which are covered in protective mesh and have centrally mounted firing ports for the officers to shoot of under protection. The vehicle has an all-round level of protection against 7.62mm Machine Gun fire.

Operators include – Canada, Colombia, Italy, Ivory Coast, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa and United Arab Emirates.


Dimensions: Length 5.2m / Width 2.45m / Height 2.64m
Engine: ADE 366T 170hp diesel
Top road speed: 100mk/h
Max road range: 1000km
Weight: 9.2tonne (combat)
Protection: Steel