The Spanish Pegaso 3055 truck

The Spanish Pegaso 3055 truck

Pegaso was a Spanish make of trucks, omnibuses, tractors and armoured vehicles. In 1990, Iveco took over and the Pegaso name disappeared in 1994.

The Spanish Pegaso 3055 truck was a family of 6×6 trucks built for the Spanish Army during the 1980’s and is still in service.

1. Principal design is canvas top cargo transport. Has fold down sides for loading on 10 tons of supplies. Can also transport up to 30 troops.

2. towing artillery guns.

3. used as tractor section for a semi trailer.

4. Fuel tanker (not only limited to fuel).

5. Various superstructures are built on the chassis such as command and control office.

6. Chassis is used for the Teruel multiple launcher artillery rocket system.