The Swiss ADATS System

The Swiss ADATS System (Air Defence Anti-Tank System) is a dual-purpose short range surface-to-air and anti-tank missile system based on the M113A2 vehicle. It is manufactured by the Swiss company Oerlikon-Contraves, which is part of German Firm Rheinmetall Defence.

It was originally developed in the late 80’s as part of the US Armies Forward Area Air-Defence program, which was cancelled in the 1990’s. Prototypes were made up of Bradley hulls.

The system can be fitted on various fixed or mobile platforms. Its currently deployed with the Canadian Ground Forces and mounted on their M113 APC’s. There was a project which was cancelled in 2005 which would have seen the system mounted on Canadian  LAV-III’s as part of the Multi-Mission Effects Vehicle program. Thailand uses the system in the fixed position role.

The Swiss ADATS System Missile Spec’s

Length: 2.05 m
Diameter: 125 mm
Launch weight: approx. 51 kg
Speed: Mach 3+
Range: 10 km
Ceiling: 7,000 m
Warhead: 12.5 kg high explosive (HE) fragmentation/shaped charge, impact and proximity fuse.
Penetration: 900 mm rolled homogeneous armour (RHA)
Guidance: Digitally coded laser beam-riding.