The Slovakia T-72B Armored Recovery Vehicle

The Slovakia T-72B Armored Recovery Vehicle

The T-72 was manufactured under licence in Slovakia (when it was part of the former Czechoslovakia) by ZTS Martin AS and as such, they built an ARV designated the VT-72B from 1989 onwards. The vehicle was exported to East Germany and India, as well as being passed on to successor states from the break up of Czechoslovakia – Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1993.

The Slovakia T-72B Armored Recovery Vehicle

The Slovakia T-72B Armored Recovery Vehicle Spec’s

Producer / Manufacturer: ZTS Martin NC
Crew: 2
Combat weight: 45.8 tons
Overall Length: 8.15m
Overall Width: 3.46m
Overall height: 2.64m
Equipment: Main Winch:
– Tensile strength: max 300kN
– A working rope length: 200m
– Rope diameter: 29.5 mm
– Max tensile strength through a pulley 600 kN
– Max pulling power through the two pulleys 900 kNAuxiliary winch:
– Tensile strength: 10 kN
– Rope diameter: 6.3 mm
– A working rope length: 400m

– Capacity: up to 19 ton, 18 ton in the clean out (from the edge of the vehicle) 1.9m and a maximum hook height of 5.5m above ground
– Maximum discharge: 7.6m
– The maximum discharge from the swing axis: 2.24m

Bulldozer blade:
– Working width: 3.36m
– Recess: 0.3m
– Performance in the clay ground: 126 m3 / h

Cost Platform:
– Capacity: 0.4ton
– Dimensions: 1.4 mx 2m

Welding Equipment:
– Welding current: 300 A

Weapons: 12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine gun NSVT
For anti-aircraft machine gun ammunition: 300 rounds
Maximum range of aimed shooting:
– On air targets: 1500 meters
– At ground targets: 2000 meters
Sight: K-10TCrew Armament:
Pancéřovka RPG-7: 1 piece
7.62 mm machine gun vz. 1958: 2 items
Signal pistol: 1 piece
Armour: Standard Steel / ERA if required
Engine: Powerplant / Engine: V-46
– Stroke, multi-fuel, diesel
with liquid cooling and filling centrifugal blower
– Maximum torque: 3160 Nm at 1 300 – 1 400 rpm
– Blower: N-24 centrifugal mechanical drive
– Dimensions:
– Length: 1480 mm
– Width: 896 mm
– Height: 903 mm
– Weight (without filling) are collecting the exhaust pipes and cleaner MC-1 980 kg
Engine output: 572HP @ 200rpm
Transmission / Gearbox: Two planetary
– Number of gears: 7 forward, 1 reverse
– Control: the mechanically operated hydraulic shifter
Speed on the Road / Road Speed (km/h): 60 (maximum), 35 – 45 (average), 5-12 (mean-axle tank)
Cruising Range Road / Cruising Range, on road: 485km
Gradient: 30 degree’s
Side Slope: 25 degree’s
Trench crossing: 2.6m
Vertical Obstacle: 0.85m
Fording Depth: 1.2m
Additional info: Fuel consumption:
– On the road: 290 liters per 100 km
– Terrain: 300-600 liters per 100 km
– Towed in a tank: 500 – 1100 liters per 100 kmOil Consumption:
– On the road, on the ground: 3 – 10 l/100 km
– With the towed tank: 6 to 15 l/100 km

– Protection of the explosion of an atomic weapon: collective, automatic
or manual closure of the space combat, the unit of radiation
and chemical sensing GO-27
– Protection in transit contaminated area:
FVU – filtration device to create pressure and air cleaning in a combat area

Fire Equipment:
– Automatic with triple use
– 3 bottles with Freon 114 V2
– 12 detectors
– Control device ZEC 11-3
– Hand-held fire extinguisher: OU-2

Smoke Equipment: TDA – heat

Aiming and Observation devices:
Observation unit commander with Night Vision: TKN-3
– Visibility distance: 300-400 meters

Sighting device drivers with night vision: TVNE-4PA
– Visibility distance: 60-100 m

Radio: R-123mm
– Range of day and night: up to 20 km

Tank voice equipment: R-124

Portable radios: PR-22
– Count: 2 pieces

The Slovakia T-72B Armored Recovery Vehicle
The Slovakia T-72B Armored Recovery Vehicle