The Turkish PMADS

The Turkish firm Aselsan developed two versions of its Pedestal-Mounted Air Defence Missile System AKA ‘PMADS’ which is a fully automated firing unit for Very Short-Range Air Defence.

The Zıpkın (Harpoon) version appears to be the version suited to security of fixed installations as it lacks a stabilization system and The ATILGAN variant, which is stabilised and therefore suited for being installed on vehicles. Originally developed for the Turkish Armed Forces, the ATILGAN is installed on the M113 APC, which Turkey has some 3000+ (however it has been mounted on other vehicles).

The Turkish PMADS Operators

fennek sam
The Turkish PMADS on Netherlands Fennek

Turkey -150+ Zıpkın and Atılgan used by Turkish Army. More Under Delivery.
Netherlands – 36 Atılgan KMS Delivered in 2009, mounted on Fennek APC’s
Bangladesh – Zıpkın Variant on order
Russia – Zıpkın Variant with SA-18 Not in service yet. Evaluation-only
Kazakhstan – 50 Zıpkın Variant with SA-18 on order


The ATILGAN is a gyro-stabilised one-man turret launcher, with a pod containing four ready-to-fire missiles on either side of the launcher. An additional eight reload missiles are located within the vehicle (M113).

The pods and FCS are highly adaptable to firing various missiles, such as the Stinger (which Turkey uses) and the SA-18 AKA 9K38 Igla.

The FCS sensor suite incorporates a second-generation, two field of view focal plane array thermal imager, and a daylight TV camera with zoom capability for passive day/night surveillance, target acquisition and tracking. A multi-pulse laser range finder is also integrated for target ranging.

The system also incorporates a 12.7 mm machine gun for self-defence and missile dead zone coverage.