The Ukrainian KrAZ-6322 Truck

KrAZ (Ukrainian: Кременчуцький автомобільний завод, Kremenchuts’ky Avtomobil’ny Zavod) (or AvtoKrAZ) is a Ukrainian company that produces trucks and other special-purpose vehicles in Kremenchuk, Ukraine; particularly heavy-duty off-road models.

The Ukrainian KrAZ-6322 Truck is just a member of a long line of successful trucks and has been a successfully exported. Its currently in service with Angola, Egypt, India, Indonesia and Yemen, as well as Ukraine.

The KrAZ-6322 is powered by the Russian YaMZ-238D turbocharged diesel engine, developing 330 hp. This means the vehicle can not only handle a 10ton payload and tow a trailer with a maximum weight of up to 30ton’s. The universality of the vehicle means that it can be mounted with various engines.

Basic design can accept a wide variety of body types. The standard body is fitted with drop sides and a removable tarpaulin with bows. Wooden bench seats may be fitted for troop transportation. Vehicle can carry up to 24 troops. A three-person cab is standard across the range

The Ukrainian KrAZ-6322 Truck

The Ukrainian KrAZ-6322 Truck Spec’s

Entered production – 1999
Configuration – 6×6
Cab seating – 1 + 2 men
Weight – 12.5 ton
Maximum load – 10.2 ton
Length – 9.1m
Width – 2.72m
Height – 3.3m