The American M2 Light Tank

The American M2 Light Tank

The American M2 Light Tank was developed during the 1930’s. It was based on the T2E1 prototype from the M2 Medium tank development. The M2 light used either Continental or Guiberson diesel engines.

The M2A2 and M2A3 had tiny turrets for mounting either a .30 or .50 cal Machine Gun, however it was the M2A4 that was standardised for production with a hand cranked 1 man-turret housing a 37mm Main Gun.

Entering production in 1939, it was the first US tank to enter serial production in World War II . 375 were built by the American Car & Foundry and Baldwin Locomotive (who built 10 of the 375).


Armament: x1 37mm Main Gun and x4 7.62mm MG’s
Armour: Up to 25mm steel
Crew: 4
Dimensions: Length 4.45m / Width 2.53m  / Height 2.52m
Weight: 10.43 tonne
Engine: 250hp Continental 7-cylinder radial diesel
Top Road Speed: 55 km/h
Operational Range: 209km