The Czech VT-72M4 CZ Armored Recovery Vehicle

The Slovikian VT-72M4 CZ Armored Recovery Vehicle

VT-72M4 CZ Armored Recovery Vehicle is an upgraded VT-72 aka VT-72B Armoured Recovery Vehicle.

The Czech VT-72M4 CZ Armored Recovery Vehicle Tasks

1. recovery of stuck, buried, rolled over and submerged vehicles,
2. the towing of crashed or damaged technology in various terrains,
3. performing necessary terrain modifications in relation with salvage,
4. providing technical aid to the crews of the damaged vehicles.

The Czech VT-72M4 CZ Armored Recovery Vehicle Equipment

1. the undercarriage and the drive assembly,
2. the tank hull with the addition and the purposeful special equipment (the main and the auxiliary winch, crane, the coil assembly, the load platform, the ploughshare, welding equipment),
3. special equipment (thermal smoke equipment, equipment for the protection against the effects of weapons of mass destruction, fire-fighting equipment, the tank‘s underwater driving system),
4. connecting means,
5. equipment and accessories.

The extent of the modernization

1. a new drive assembly with an automatic transmission,
2. increased ballistic and passive protection,
3. modification of the control equipment, the driver’s instrument panel, the electrical installation, diagnostics and navigation,
4. driver’s and Commander’s modernized monitoring equipment, two new portable noctovision monitoring devices, three colour cameras for better crew orientation,
5. a new camouflage summer and winter set and a camouflage mat for thermal camouflage,
6. modernized connection means of the external and internal connection..

Technical parameters

Dimensions: 8420 x 3660 x 2640 mm
Battle weight: 51,500 kg
Crew: 2 (Commander, driver)
Rated output: 14 kW/t
Rated pressure: 110 kPa
Maximum road speed: 61 km/h
Crane’s maximum load: 19 000 kg
Max. pull of the main winch: 300 kN (up to 900 kN through two pulleys)
Max. pull of the auxiliary winch: 10 kN, working length of the cable 400 m
Max. pull of the coil assembly: 200 kN, working length of the cable 200 m
Load platform‘s maximum load: 4000 kg
Ploughshare output: 126 m3

Ammunition unit of fire

Vehicle weapons: Antiaircraft machine gun NSVT caliber 12.7 mm
Rounds for the antiaircraft machine gun: 600
Rounds for the machine gun 360
Antitank projectile: 2x RPG-75
Hand grenades: 9x F-1 9
Hand smoke grenades: 4

The drive assembly

Engine: Perkins CV 12-1000
Maximum output: 736 kW
Transmission: Automatic XTG 411-6-N