The TH 301 Medium Tank

The TH 301 Medium Tank

The TH 301 Medium Tank Background

The Argentinean Army had the restrictions of limited logistical mobility when sourcing their new tank, so it  had to be less than 33 tonnes, which ruled out a well armoured Main Battle Tank.

So a lighter armoured fighting vehicle capable of a top road speed of 70 km/h, a minimum operational range of 500 km and able to be fitted with a respectable anti-tank gun.

In 1974 Argentinean engineers worked with German defence manufacturer Thyssen-Henschel on the development of a new medium tank based on the new (at the time) German Marder Infantry Fighting Vehicle design.

A new low profile turret based on the Leopard 1 tank was built mounting a l05mm main gun. The Marder 1 chassis design had to be reinforced to cope with the stresses generated by the recoil of the 105mm gun when fired and additional weight.

Tanque Argentino Mediano , (translated in to English is “Argentine Medium Tank”) AKA TAM passed its field trials and entered licensed production in a new TAMSE plant, built for the purpose in 1979 in Argentina.

The TH 301 Medium Tank Description

Thyssen-Herschel (who manufactured 30% of the TAM’s parts) further developed the TAM Medium Tank design with an improved drive train and Fire Control System, which was was completed in 1978.

A PERI R12 periscope for the commander and a periscope for the gunner were installed as well as a Low light level television for limited night fighting capability. The vehicles armour could also enhanced if required by the operating nation.

It failed to gain any interest as many countries were moving towards Main Battle Tanks.

The TH 301 Medium Tank Spec’s

Armament: 105mm Rifled Main Gun, x2 7.62mm MG
Armour: Unknown
Crew: 4
Dimensions: Length 8.17m / Width 3.30m / Height 2.43m
Weight: 31.6 tonne
Engine: 750hp MTU Diesel
Top Road Speed: 76 Km/h
Operational Range: 550km