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Welcome to The Armoured Essentials Online Encyclopaedia of military vehicles!!

TankNutDave.com is an online military vehicle encyclopedia spread over a thousand articles categorised by type and generation. It is written by an international staff of combat experienced servicemen and civilian specialists. We have consulted for and featured on TV/movies, including the BBC and attracted the attention & respect of the Bovington Tank Museum’s director for the educational content of our articles.

Building on the success of the site we are one of the event organisers for the annual Wicksteed at War military show. We provide the hire of military equipment, teach civilians to drive military vehicles and worked with World Of Tanks on a number of projects.

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We are always hard at work adding new articles as well expanding/updating current ones on the encyclopedia. Simply “Like” us on Facebook to be notified of new content and updates on our other work or check out our feed bellow.

Top 12 Latest Videos On The TankNutDave.com Youtube Account

Our you tube feed features videos of our antics on military vehicles, educational videos about tanks, manufacturers vehicle videos and even World Of Tank game play, which generates over 300 thousand views a month!