The T-72AG Tank

The Ukrainian T-72AG Tank Upgrade

The T-72AG Tank – Image from Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building

The T-72AG Tank has been developed and marketed by Ukrainian Company KMDB as an upgrade package for the T-72M Tank series (exported & licence built version of the Russian T-72). The package is intended for operators to install in their own country who have a limited budget.

The T-72AG when compared to T-72M Tanks, has an improved mobility thanks to a new engine, new and improved Fire Control System with night vision capability and improved protection with the addition of Explosive Reactive armour used in the T-80UD and the earlier T-84 Main Battle Tank, giving the vehicle the distinct look of a T-80UD based vehicle.

In the upgraded T-72AG tank the original engine with a less than optimum performance under hot conditions is replaced by a new 6TD-series diesel engine with associated support elements that has been developed for T-80UD/Oplot MBTs.

Two different diesel engine options are available – the 6TD-1 developing 1,000 hp and the 6TD-2 developing 1,200 hp. Both engines offer real advantages in performance in desert conditions at ambient temperatures of up to 55 degrees above zero, as they have a number of enhancements for operation in high ambient temperatures.

The T-72AG Tank – side view

To enhance the T-72AG tactical mobility, the tank can be fitted with a satellite navigation system. The transmission installed in the tank provides increased reverse speed and pivoting movement (on-the sport turning).

The T-72AG was shown for the first time at the IDEX ’97 exhibition in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in 1997. It has not attracted any orders on the international market.

Main characteristics T-72 T-72AG
Weight (t) 41.5 45.5
Max road speed (km/h) on dry natural soil road (km/h) 60 65(75 with high-speed gear-box)
Average speed 32-38 40-45
Engine power output (hp) 780 1,000 (1,200 if 6TD-2 engine is installed)
Power-to-weight ratio (hp/t) 19 21.7 (26.08)
Specific fuel consumption (g/kW-h) 245 218
Periodicity of air cleaner cassette
maintenance under extreme dustyconditions (km)
300 1,000
Deep fording without preparation (m) 1.2 1.8
Commander’s sight


observation device
day/night sight TKN-4S

Target detection range (m)

by day

2,000 5,000

at night

400 700

Field-of-view stabilization

no in one axis

Fire control override mode

no yes
Gunner’s day sight


TPD-K1 1G46

Target detection range (m)

4,000 5,000

Field-of-view stabilization

in one axis in two axes

Line-of-sight stabilization error (mrad)

0.5 0.2


8 (fixed) 2.7 to 12 (zooming)
Gunner’s night sight


TPN-3 (passive/active) TPN-4 (passive)
or thermal imager

Target detection range (m)

400 (without illumination) 1,200 or

Effective firing range (m)


1,800 2,500

guided missile

no 5,000
Tank ballistic computer no yes