The Jordanian Tariq Tank

The Jordanian Tariq Tank

The Jordanian Tariq Tank Description

The Jordanian Army had taken delivery of the British Centurion (Mk5/2) Tank sometime during the 1960’s and had committed 44 to fighting the Israelis during the 1967 Six Day War. Loosing 33 of these did not deter Jordan from purchasing more from the UK over the coming years and purchased a total of 293.

Though armed with the L7 105mm min gun, by 1980 the tanks fire control systems were dated and its overall mobility suffering,

To Address this Jordan installed the Belgian SABCA fire-control system which incorporates a laser range-finder manufactured under licence from the US Hughes company, a wind sensor and muzzle reference system. A new turret traverse and main gun stabilization system was also fitted.

The original Meteor engine was replaced with a new AVDS-1790 as used on the M60 Patton tank, which was also in service with Jordan. The original suspension was replaced with a hydro pneumatic type.

The upgrades meant that the tank could travel faster off road, better power to weight ratio, increased reliability and reduced operational costs in terms of spares and repairs as Jordan now had only one engine being used in greater numbers.

All these upgrades were implemented across the whole Centurion Fleet by 1985 and was renamed the Tariq.

In early 1986, Jordan purchased Kidde-Graviners Crew Bay fire and explosion suppression system kits for installation on all its tanks including the Tariq.

Jordan Also operates a modified version of the British Chieftain Main Battle Tank called the Khalid. They also operate retired British Challenger 1 MBTs, which were ordered in 1999 making the Tariq redundant.

So as not to waste the vehicle, Jordan has been converting them in to a Heavy Armoured Personnel Carrier called the Temsah.

The Jordanian Tariq 2 Tank

The Jordanian Tariq 2 Tank

Jordan has been developing an unmanned turret (the crew are located in the hull) mounting a Ruag Land Systems L50 (Length calibre) 120mm smoothbore Compact Tank Gun fed by an autoloader, called the Falcon 2 turret. This new turret is intended as an upgrade for their Challenger 1 MBT locally named the Al Hussein.

Prior to the Falcon 2, was the Falcon 1 turret. It wasn’t as sophisticated as the Falcon 2 in terms of sighting equipment as it was the base version.

The Falcon 1 turret was installed for trials etc on the Tariq, which as a result was dubbed the Tariq 2. Trials were completed by 2004 and the upgrade isn’t going ahead.